Ekran System Cloud Deployment


Ekran Systemhas come to the cloud. Just like our on-premises version, the Ekran System SaaS platform ensures complete visibility into all user actions. 


See how your employees interact with sensitive data, manage access, and prevent insider threats in a more convenient way. Adjust the number of monitored endpoints as you need. Automatic scaling of server resources ensures high reliability and sustainable performance of the entire platform.


With the cloud version of Ekran System, you can forget about effortful maintenance. All you need to do is install the Ekran System agent on target endpoints and log in to the system. We’ll take care of everything else.




Why Clients Choose the Ekran System SaaS Platform


Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility & Scalability.
Access from anywhere. Monitor any number of endpoints.


Automatic Upgrades and Backups

Automatic Upgrades and Backups.
Always use the latest version. Keep your data continuously protected.


Security and Privacy by Design

Security and Privacy by Design.
Secure critical data with double encryption and store it in isolated data centers.



Avoid additional IT overhead. We’ll take care of everything.