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November 18, 2020

Employees know all the ins and outs of a company’s infrastructure and cybersecurity tools. That’s why we witness hundreds of malicious and inadvertent insider attacks that lead to data breaches and harm companies. Such attacks often lead to financial and reputational losses and may even ruin a business.


In this article, we discuss the reasons for and consequences of five benchmark data breaches caused by insiders and consider how Ekran System can protect your company from similar threats. 

Insider threats and their consequences


November 04, 2020

System administrators hold the key to your organization’s cybersecurity. However, sysadmin accounts can pose risks to your company. On the one hand, their elevated access rights are targets for hackers and malicious users. On the other hand, there’s a risk of administrators themselves abusing their privileges.


In this article, we explore the types and responsibilities of sysadmins and define the risks related to their work. We also offer seven effective practices to secure your critical systems and data.

Why do system administrators matter?


October 21, 2020

Educational institutions handle tremendous amounts of data and have access to personal, financial, and healthcare information of both students and staff. However, this exposes them to cybersecurity risks. In 2019, the US was hit by multiple ransomware attacks that impacted 89 universities, colleges, and school districts — up to 1,233 institutions were potentially affected.


Although US federal laws impose strict cybersecurity rules, the vast number of these rules (and the constant updates to them) make it challenging for educational institutions to meet all...

October 07, 2020

Insurance companies are desirable targets for cyber attackers because they work with sensitive data. To ensure the safety of customers’ personal information, insurance companies have to follow strict data protection requirements. These requirements oblige companies to implement the best cybersecurity practices or face considerable fines for non-compliance.


In this article, we discuss data protection compliance for insurance companies and how to safeguard customer data.


Types of data insurers work with



September 28, 2020

Lawyers constantly handle sensitive data that attracts hackers and malicious insiders. Every security breach leads to reputational losses, remediation costs, and penalties. That’s why cybersecurity at law firms is regulated by strict IT laws and requirements.


Complying with all necessary requirements and implementing protection measures that fit your organization is challenging. In this article, we overview the reasons for and types of security breaches in legal organizations and show you how to prevent them by implementing best practices for complying with IT...